Talis Product and Services Update - November 2019

Welcome to our new look Product & Services Update, we hope you enjoy the updated design! It’s been another busy month, with the implementation of our Automatic Profile Creation feature and the continued full rollout of New List Edit to more Universities. Details of these and more are included in this month's newsletter.

This month’s Product Update webinar reported on Automatic Profile Creation, as well as summarising our current development priorities. The next one will take place in January, we will announce the date via our Service Announcements and events page.

New List Edit - Rollout Update

With 48 Universities now using the New List Edit as default, and several more scheduled to switch shortly, we will soon have over half of all Talis Aspire users making use of the updated interface. More additional features are planned soon and our documentation continues to grow via this article, so if you’re considering a switch soon then please raise a support ticket.

Automatic Profile Creation

Talis Aspire Reading Lists now supports the automatic creation of user profiles when a user logs in for the first time, and the continued update of that profile if changes to names and email addresses are made in university identity management systems. More information about this feature is available in this support article. If you would like to enable automatic profiles for your tenancy, please raise a support ticket.


What has been released this month?

Following user feedback, we have added filters as a mandatory requirement to all bulk actions. If no filters are set you will be presented with a warning message and the job will not run. Further details are in our updated support article.

New ideas raised on the Talis Ideas Forum

The Talis Ideas Forum is a great opportunity for you to add your ideas and enhancements you would like to see in Talis Aspire and to view what others are requesting and add your use cases and votes. In the last month the following ideas have been added:

  • Creating a Harvard reference for a website - Vote here

What bookmarking recognisers have been created this month?

  • Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (CJASN)
  • The Journal of Immunology
  • Harvard University Press
  • Chicago University Press - journals
  • Princeton University Press

Is what you are bookmarking working as you expect? If not, please raise a support ticket.

Developer Community

To join our developer community, please email consulting@talis.com. To see previous newsletters, please visit the Talis blog.

Escalation Reminder

Do you have concerns about a ticket you have raised? Has the urgency of the problem increased? Do you now have tighter time constraints than before? Please email Laura Unwin with your ticket details and the reason for escalation, along with your contact details. We will then work to review the issues and prioritise as appropriate and inform you of the next steps.

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