Inclusivity and accessibility in Reading Lists (Europe Webinar)


Talis Aspire has been designed with the optimum user experience in mind, for effective use with screen readers, text and icons.

To support students and comply with U.K government regulations on accessibility which came into force in September 2018, Universities have worked to enhance the services offered with digital learning and teaching resources.

Roz Hall, Learning Technologies & Skills Development Manager at Chichester University, shared how academics are supported at the university to develop accessible teaching resources.

In this webinar Natalia Gordon, Infomation Services Librarian, and Rachel Thornton, Copyright Clearance Officer at Leeds Beckett University, explained the approach taken at the university to support students with accessibility needs to ensure they are supported in their studies, including utilising reading lists for alternative formats.

Jeremy Baines, Head of Product Experience at Talis, takes our community through our Web Accessibility Statement and branding guidelines in place to meet accessibility requirements for our products.

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