Talis Product and Services Update - August 2019

Welcome to the August 2019 Talis Product and Services Update

This month we have continued to focus on delivering improvements to New List Edit, with a number of releases designed to improve the user experience. We've also continued our series of Developer Community webinars, which explore the different ways that Talis Aspire can be integrated with different systems. Recordings of these sessions can be found below, together with other updates from the previous month.

New List Edit - update

We now have 31 Universities using the New List Edit as the default for their tenancy, with several others currently testing the interface with a view to a full rollout ahead of the new academic year. Do take a look at our New List Edit - Overview article which contains links to the growing collection of documentation we provide to support users. If you would like to enable New List Edit as the default for your tenancy then please raise a support ticket so we can liaise with you about this process.

Are your students experiencing the New List View?

We now have a total of 97 Universities using the New List View interface throughout their tenancy. If you haven't yet switched, please raise a support ticket and we can talk to you about moving over.

What has been released this month?

It's been a busy month for new releases. Some of the highlights include:

  • Following feedback from users, when falling back to search using LTI to link a List or Section in the VLE, the number of results has been increased from 5 to 10. We recommend that the search used is the list title rather than the module/course or unit code
  • Following reports that newly bookmarked items were slow to appear in the Add Resource modal on New List Edit, we have improved this so that it refreshes with the latest titles as you click 'Add Resource'
  • In New List Edit we have further improved the action bar navigation by fine-tuning if it highlights the top or bottom action bar as you roll over an item with your cursor
  • If you are a List Owner in reading lists you will now be able to access the reading list Analytics (Academic Dashboard) from your list in New List View, as you could in Classic
  • In New List Edit we have resolved the issue of the disappearing edit bar when navigating around a long list
  • In New List Edit you can now archive a reading list without needing to refresh the page once you have published it

New ideas raised on the Talis Ideas Forum

The Talis Ideas Forum is a great opportunity for you to add your ideas and enhancements you would like to see in Talis Aspire and to view what others are requesting and add your use cases and votes. This month the following ideas have been added:

  • Student note formatting in New List View - Vote here
  • Review jobs (relates to rollover) - Vote here
  • Prioritising editing window size for smaller devices - Vote here
  • Ability to change dates on 'Live' digitisations - Vote here
  • TADC number in New List Edit - Vote here
  • Greater prominence for notes in scan "declined" notification - Vote here
  • Adding a date to Notes to Library - Vote here

Support articles

The following articles have been added as new content to our support site or updated this month:

If there are support articles that you would like to see added please do let us know or if you would like to contribute to the Community Contributions get in touch.

What bookmark recognisers have been created this month?

  • LinkedIn Learning / Lynda.com (via Chrome extension)
  • Apple Podcasts (via Chrome extension)
  • Overcast.FM (via Chrome extension)
  • Indiana University Press

Is what you are bookmarking working as you expect? If not please raise a support ticket.

Developer Community

To join our developer community, please email consulting@talis.com. To see previous newsletters, please visit the Talis blog.

Do you have concerns about a support ticket you have raised?

If the urgency of the problem has increased and you now have tighter time constraints than before, please email Laura Unwin with your ticket details, and the reason for escalation along with your contact details. We will then work to review the issues and prioritise as appropriate and inform you of the next steps.

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