Student Guide on using Talis Elevate

We have produced a short user guide for students on how to use Talis Elevate. We recommend you provide this to your students during the first week of teaching, giving them an overview of how to use Elevate, and how you plan to use this in your teaching. 

Feel free to amend the slides and edit as you please. To do this, please click file/download from Google Drive, and amend as desired. please note, you may run into changes in the font if you download as PPT  

Please note; your institution may decide to only show analytics to staff. You will be told if this is the case, so you may need to amend the slides making this point. 

You can find the guides for students here 


Build activity into the first week of teaching using this resource. For example, upload the study guide, fill in the description area, prompting students' to highlight any areas of misunderstanding or content they would like more information on. This will make students' aware of how to annotate in Talis Elevate, and help you adjust your teaching based on their feedback 

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