Joining another module as a teacher

If you are co-teaching on a module, you'll need to join that as a teacher so you can upload content and engage in collaborative activity with your students with teacher permissions.

To do this, login to and sign in using your institutional login details.


You will then arrive at the Module Manager 


Click on the dropdown option and select 'Find existing module' 



You'll then be able to search (and deselect) modules to join/leave:



Add yourself to the module by clicking the plus button under the "In Modules" heading:


Or select the tick to remove yourself from the module (please note that if you created the module, or if you are the only 'teacher' on the module you can't leave it):


Once you have selected all the modules you wish to join, hit close. These with then appear on your module list via the drop-down in the Module Manager. 

Please note, this will also enable you for weekly analytics updates via email, and email notifications based on your settings. 

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