Re-using content from a module in Talis Elevate with a new cohort

In Talis Elevate, you can re-use the content again on the next academic year with your students. We have a setting where discussion activity and analytics are archived each year, determined by the start/end date of the module you've set within Talis Elevate. Therefore, it's important to update these dates when you re-use your module in Talis Elevate with the next cohort of students. 

How do I change the date? 

1. Go to to get to the Module Manager. 

2. Select the relevant module. 

3. Click on the three dots next to the 'Add resource' button and select 'Edit module'


4. Update the start/end date and student numbers.


What happens to the old data? 

Talis still have the old usage data and comments, don't worry! We just hide this so it's only relevant to the current cohort of students. Please raise a support request if you need to get access to this. Please make sure you tell us the module code for the module you wish to gather the historic data on.

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