Moving our Customer Support Functions to Zendesk for Talis Elevate

Over the past year, we've been relying on mainly 121 communication with you to support your use of Talis Elevate. We are now moving our support function to our centrally supported system using Zendesk. This is to ensure you are able to get high-quality support and guidance from Talis at any point of the year. 

You’ll now see a new widget in the bottom right corner of your Talis Elevate view. This is a tool called Zendesk that you may have used on other online platforms. We’ve added this in so we can better support, and respond to our users’ requests or issues whilst using Talis Elevate.


We’ve added a number of user guides that you can search for within the widget from both the Module Manager and within the Elevate Player. If these don’t answer your question or you have a specific issue you need an answer to, you can also raise a support ticket, and one of the members from our Support Team will get back to you. 


We’ve also written support articles for students, but they will not be able to raise support requests with us. We’ve found previously that the only questions we tend to get related to the activity you’ve set them, so that’s probably best answered by you ;-). 

If you have any questions, be it pedagogic, technical, or just having problems with your use of Talis Elevate, please get in touch with us via the Support Request so one of our team can help you out. 

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