How can I download the resources used in teaching?

In Talis Elevate, you can download the originally uploaded file type from the player by clicking on the download button.

Screenshot 2023-07-18 at 12.52.41.png

The first option on the drop-down, 'Resource,' will download the original file. If you want to download your class comments or personal notes, these options are also available. See this article for further information on downloading class comments and personal notes.

Because Talis Elevate documents are live, and you can discuss and contribute on a live document with your peers, it's good practice to make use of this, by asking questions on points you do not fully understand, and to feed into conversation and dialogue with your peers. Whilst you may wish to download documents to keep in the future, you should make sure you refer back to the live document in the module site in case you miss any valuable contributions from your classmates, or can answer any of their misunderstandings or questions. 

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