Commenting on resources

In Talis Elevate, you can write comments on resources of any type. From within the application, you can also switch to writing personal, private notes from within the same view. You will be assigned a colour when you first join Talis Elevate, and this colour will follow you through your use of the system. 

Commenting on documents 

To comment on a document, simply highlight the body of text you want to write a comment on. You will see the text highlight in 'your colour' and a comment box appear on the right of the screen. 

You can also decide at this point to write your comment anonymously if you decide to. See here for more information on this  



Commenting on Video 

On media files, you will see comments appear across the timeline of the video. To write a comment, simply click the pencil icon whilst the video is playing, or select a point on the timeline, then click the pencil icon. 


You will see your teachers, and other students comments show on this timeline as well, with different colours 



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