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Talis Elevate offers a notifications system, enabling you to keep up to date on the activity occurring on your modules via email as well as within the application directly. There are two key elements to this for staff using Talis Elevate. 

1. Discussion-based notifications 

2. Weekly module digest notifications 

How to access your notification settings

You can access your settings directly from within the Talis Elevate player, via your emails, or via the manager in Simply click on your avatar icon in the player to open the screen below 


Discussion-based notifications 


By default, your notifications will be set to 'QUIET' in the system to avoid unexpected emails once you start using this. However, you may wish to turn the volume up or down dependent on the type of activity you'd like to monitor. The 3 volume settings are 


Off- no notifications at all 

Quiet- only replies to you 

Normal- any new comment, plus replies to you 

Loud- Any comment or reply. 


With each notification email you receive, you can reply directly to the email, and this will post your comment back into the player. This email notification will show you the highlighted text relating to the comment made, which resource this relates to, and the comment itself. 


Weekly module digest 

If you are a teacher or contributor on a module, we also send you a weekly email, giving you a brief overview of some key usage stats on the resources on your module. We also show you which students have been inactive for over 5 days. Within these reports, we also show you the change based on the previous week's activity, shown by the yellow or green boxes by the side of the main values shown. 




You can choose when you would like these email notifications to be sent. We recommend these are sent the day you mainly interact with your cohort of students. 

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