Talis Elevate and Accessibility


We want our applications to be accessible for everyone, regardless of device or assistive technology.

Our policy is to meet, and - where possible - exceed the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG)  at Level AA. The WCAG covers principles such as colour contrast, keyboard accessibility, text alternatives, as well as ensuring that content can be presented in different ways. A few examples of the ways we meet the WCAG are:

  • Our applications include a “skip to content” link which gives you the ability to move directly to the main content of the page.
  • We take advantage of HTML landmarks which are recognised by assistive technologies in order to help you move quickly around the application.
  • Our applications are designed to respond appropriately to the resizing of your browser window 


Our applications are designed to be compatible with the latest and last-but-one major releases of screen readers, including:

  • JAWS (2019.1810.64, 2018.1811.2)
  • NVDA (2018.3.2, 2017.4)
  • VoiceOver (8, 7)
  • ChromeVox

Additionally, screen magnifiers and speech-recognition software can be used.

Additional help

AbilityNet offer guidance about how to:


Please contact us if you encounter any difficulties using our applications – your feedback will help us make the experience better for all. 

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