Linking or Embedding Talis Elevate content into my VLE

In Talis Elevate, you have a number of mechanisms for embedding resources into your VLE, either via the LTI integration, direct URL sharing, or utilising embed codes (iFrames). You also have the ability to share a ‘playlist’ of content to your students, which is all of the content within a module in one single embed. 

If you have been told you are able to add content to Talis Elevate directly from within your VLE, please see the relevant user guide below 

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First, you will need to have uploaded some content to the admin manager, advice on doing that can be found in this article


Sharing resources to your VLE 

Once you have your file in Talis Elevate, click the 3 dots (ellipsis) icon to the right of the resource title, and click “Share”:



You'll then be greeted with 2 options, copy the link for this resource, or copy the Embed code: 

Link - can be shared anywhere in your VLE, via an announcement, discussion board, or an item on the content area of your VLE (this is the most common approach).

Embed code - This is HTML code that will visually embed the resource in your VLE. You will need to edit your course HTML to do this. See below for guidance on how to do this. 



To add the link to your VLE site, simply click on the “Link” button, and copy the link, then add this to your VLE site as usual. If possible, set the link to “open in new tab” to ensure your students continue to have the VLE open in the original tab. 

 Embedding content into your VLE 

Click on the 'Embed' button in the window as shown below.

Click on the clipboard icon to the left of the code to copy this link or embed code 



To embed into your VLE, go to any page with a Rich Content Editor (sometimes just called content editor), click on the HTML button (showing you the page in HTML form), and paste the embed code where you’d like it to appear on the page. If you’re not familiar with HTML coding, try and do this as you develop your pages, so you can just add to the bottom of your page at the time. 




Once embedded and saved, the resource will look like this in the VLE. 




Please note, dependent on the size of the frame this resource embeds in, we may show the 'preview' of the resource rather than the full resource embedded. This is to ensure a user has a good experience navigating and engaging with the resource. If this has happened, your users will see a preview like the one below. Clicking on this icon will open the resource in a new tab. 


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