Uploading content to Talis Elevate via the Module Manager

If you haven't had Elevate incorporated into your VLE via LTI, you will need to make more use of the Module Manager to upload and manage your resources. 


1. Login to app.talis.com. Enter your institution name, and you'll be greeted with your institutional login page. 


The first time you enter this area, you'll see some screens that look like this. This is because you haven't created a module, uploaded any resources, and/or had any students creating activity on resources. 


2. Start by creating a module. Click the Create Module button on the top right hand side of the screen.


3. Fill out the details on the next screen. You can call your module whatever you like, but please ensure your course code is the same that's shown on your VLE, so you can easily use this module again when your institution integrates Talis Elevate with your VLE. This can be changed at any time. 

    • The Start and End date define the parameters of the ‘teaching period’ which is reflected in the analytics windows throughout Talis Elevate, and can also impact if comments are shown outside of this defined period, dependent on institutional settings. 
    • The Student numbers are an approximation from you. This impacts how many avatars are shown in the analytics modal from within Elevate resources. If you have 80 approx students, and only 70 ‘active’ in your Elevate module, this will show as 10 ‘unknown’ students, indicating you may have ten students still missing from the cohort, or who have never engaged with the content.

    • Click Save when done. 

This info can be amended at any point. Simply navigate to the three dots menu on the admin landing page and click the 'Edit module' button.


Uploading content 

1. Click on the ‘add resource’ link in the admin area of Talis Elevate. 

2. You will be taken to the Add resource page. On the ‘From computer’ tab, you can drag and drop files into the box and select files using your computers file browser. On the ‘From YouTube tab’ you can add a link to a YouTube resource using the URL. On the ‘Reuse existing resource’ tab you will also be able to quickly add resources to this module that you've previously uploaded to other modules, or reuse resources uploaded by colleagues who are contributors or owners within modules that you share, using the search box in this uploader window.


3. Once you have selected and uploaded the file, you will be able to give the resource a title and a description.

Both of these display in the player when students' are accessing the resource as well, so it's recommended you give the resource a clear title, and use the description to outline the activity you are expecting the students to undertake with this resource.


This content will now be available for re-use on the admin manager. As soon as you upload new content, this will appear on the top of your module list, but after that, it will appear further down the list based on the level of engagement. Please use the native find features in your browser (CTRL+F in Windows, CMND+F on a Mac) to find your resource to view, share, edit, and delete.



Once you have done this, you can then share your resources to your VLE. See this article for guidance on how to do this 

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