Add Talis Elevate resources via Moodle directly

There are a couple of different ways to add content to your VLE. If your institution has integrated Talis Elevate via the LTI standard, you will be able to add content to your Talis Elevate modules directly from within your Moodle site. This will automatically create a module in Talis Elevate, and will automatically set the start date of the module. To amend this information, please visit and click the cog icon to update the module information with the correct end date, and approximate student numbers. This will affect how your analytics are shown within the module.More information can be found here.

From the content area of your Moodle site, first, 'turn editing on',  


Then in the relevant topic/unit, click 'add activity or resource'  


A new window will appear, where you can add different tools to your moodle course. Select 'Talis Elevate' and click 'add'. Please note, this may be called something different depending on your institution. Screenshot_2019-08-07_at_09.41.04.png


Another window will appear. From here you can name the link you will create in Moodle, and select the resource you wish to upload to Elevate. Click 'select content' and the Talis Elevate uploader will appear.  


You will then be able to drag and drop files into this popup box, or select files using your computer's file browser. A separate tab also allows you to add a link to a YouTube resource by using the URL. You will also be able to quickly add resources to this module that you've previously uploaded to other modules, using the search box in the 'Reuse existing resource' tab. 


Once you have selected and uploaded the file, you'll see this processing on the next screen. You'll be able to give the resource a title and a description. Click 'Save' to finish adding the item.


The title and description you've selected display in Talis Elevate when students are accessing the resource as well, so it's recommended you give the resource a clear title, and use the description to outline the activity you are expecting the students to undertake with this resource. 


Once you have done this, you'll return back to the Moodle page where you clicked 'select content'. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Save and display'. 



The resource will be available to students from within the modules area of Moodle. You'll be able to make use of the native functionality in Moodle, around publishing / unpublishing, and will be able to move the resource around as if this was any other resource in Moodle. 



The resource will also appear within Moodle itself from a students perspective, so users (staff and students) will not need to exit Moodle to use Talis Elevate. 

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