Add Talis Elevate resources via Blackboard directly

There are a couple of different ways to add content to your VLE. If your institution has integrated Talis Elevate via the LTI standard, you will be able to add content to your Talis Elevate modules directly from within your Blackboard site. This will automatically create a module in Talis Elevate, and will automatically set the start date of the module from the date you add your first resource. To amend this information, please see our support article here on amending dates in Talis Elevate.. This will affect how your analytics are shown within the module. More information can be found here.

From the content page of your Blackboard site, click on the 'Build Content' menu, where you will see a link for 'Talis Elevate'. Click this, and the uploader will appear. Please note, this may be called something slightly different, dependent on how your institution names the link. 


 If you cannot see this menu, you may have 'turned editing off' in Blackboard. To enable this, click on the edit mode item on the top right of the Blackboard environment. 


You will then be able to drag and drop files into this popup box, select files using your computer's file browser, or add a link to a YouTube resource by using the URL. You will also be able to quickly add resources to this module that you've previously uploaded to other modules, using the search box in this uploader window. You can also use this search box to find digitisations that are available for this module, by searching for the citation, or searching 'digitisation'

Player9.pngOnce you have selected and uploaded the file, you'll see this processing on the next screen. You'll be able to give the resource a title and a description.  



Both of these display in Talis Elevate when students are accessing the resource as well, so it's recommended you give the resource a clear title, and use the description to outline the activity you are expecting the students to undertake with this resource. 



Once you have done this, the resource will be available to students from within the content area of Blackboard. If your content is not immediately made available within Talis Elevate, this is because we are either processing the content if a media item so it works on different playback qualities, or because we are applying Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to your resources so they work with screen readers).

You'll be able to make use of the native functionality in Blackboard, around adaptive release etc, and will be able to move the resource around as if this was any other resource in Blackboard.  



The resource will also appear within Blackboard itself from a students perspective, so users (staff and students) will not need to exit Blackboard to use Talis Elevate. 



To navigate back to previous parts of the VLE, you can use the navigation above the Talis Elevate resource which shows the 'breadcrumbs' back through Blackboard navigation 



You can upload content within folders in the content area as well, so if you facilitate the management of groupwork using this approach, that'll work too!



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