Talis Product and Services Update - July 2019

Welcome to the July 2019 Talis Product and Services Update

Welcome to the July 2019 Talis Product and Services Update. Work has continued apace on the rollout of New List Edit this month with various updates made and more planned for the coming weeks. It's also been a busy month for webinars, links to all the sessions we have held can be found below, including the first in our new series of developer community webinars. Do share details of these with colleagues in your ICT departments who may be interested.

New List Edit - update

This month we have published a series of support articles and videos on New List Edit highlighting the benefits and additional functionality available in the new interface. Do take a look at New List Edit - Overview which contains links to all the guidance available. We now have 19 Universities who have fully rolled out New List Edit, with an additional 7 scheduled to switch shortly. If you would like to enable it as the default for your tenancy then please raise a support ticket so we can liaise with you about this process.

Are your students experiencing the New List View?

If not then we would encourage you to join 92 universities now using the New List View interface with their students. Please raise a support ticket and we can talk to you about moving over.

Browser extensions

A reminder that Talis provides browser extensions that allow users to bookmark items via the extension rather than needing to install the bookmarklet button first. While we have no plans to retire the bookmarklet, some websites have a Content Security Policy which prevents the bookmarklet from working, and so these sites can only be bookmarked using an extension. For example, the recent changes to the Emerald platform mean that currently users can only save items via the extension. Do also remember that the new Quick Add in New List Edit allows users to add books to lists without having previously bookmarked them.

For instructions on installing a Talis browser extension, view this support article.

What has been released this month?

It's been a busy month for new releases. Some of the highlights include:

  • When clicking 'Add Resource' from New List Edit, the 'Create Manually' link, now takes you to the existing manual bookmark page to either 'Create' or 'Create and add to list'. Once completed you will return to the list, where if you haven't already added the item you can navigate to the section and use 'Add resource' to position the item from your recent bookmarks
  • Copied section URLs from the Table of Contents were previously taking users to the top of a list, this is now resolved so that they take the recipient to the correct section
  • The word 'Beta' has been removed from action buttons at the top of lists as parity between list views has been achieved and New List View is now in a state of continuous improvement
  • We have made an improvement to the format of the list URL displayed in browsers for the New List View and Edit, making the browser URL the same format regardless of the view you are in

New ideas raised on the Talis Ideas Forum

The Talis Ideas Forum is a great opportunity for you to add your ideas and enhancements you would like to see in Talis Aspire and to view what others are requesting and add your use cases and votes. This month the following ideas have been added:

  • Bulk assign list publishers to lists - Vote here
  • "View and Export" in List View/Edit 2.0 - Vote here
  • Reviews screen - move the Vendor information below previous review outcomes/decisions - Vote here
  • Enable 'Share item' for list publishers / editors - New List View / Edit - Vote here
  • Review Screen: Pin important notes to the top of the screen OR free text field at the top - Vote here
  • The option to suppress an automatic notification from being sent to a requester when action is taken on a digitisation - Vote here
  • Ability to add a chapter author to metadata in a live TADC request - Vote here
  • Digitisation #number on browser tab - Vote here

Support articles

The following articles have been added as new content to our support site or updated this month:

If there are support articles that you would like to see added please do let us know or if you would like to contribute to the Community Contributions get in touch.

What bookmark recognisers have been created this month?

  • Aerospace Research Central
  • NFB Online (browser extension only)

We have also learnt this month that currently users may only bookmark from the new Emerald platform using a browser extension.

Is what you are bookmarking working as you expect? If not please raise a support ticket.

Developer Community

To join our developer community, please email consulting@talis.com. To see previous newsletters, please visit the Talis blog.

Do you have concerns about a support ticket you have raised?

If the urgency of the problem has increased and you now have tighter time constraints than before, please email Laura Unwin with your ticket details, and the reason for escalation along with your contact details. We will then work to review the issues and prioritise as appropriate and inform you of the next steps.

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