Talis Elevate Analytics - In resource, "glimpse" level analytics

Talis Elevate offers 3 levels of analytics to consider: 

  1. Glimpse: Within a resource
  2. Explore: Within the Elevate Manager 
  3. Analyse: Access the RAW Event data and attach to your Learning Analytics Project 

Glimpse Level Analytics (In resource) 

We have built Talis Elevate to enable core functionality from within your VLE. Therefore you can access resource and module analytics from within resources directly. These have been designed to be quick to understand, easy to interrogate and easy to ascertain what the difference is between each student. To see the analytics for a resource, click the analytics button in the player:


You will be greeted with a screen that looks like this. 


In this screen, you will see all your students listed from most engaged to least engaged on this resource during the selected time period. By clicking on a particular students head, you will adjust the charts above. You can also deselect all students to see the cohort average data only. The pink charting represents the engagement from the student you have selected, whilst the grey represents the class average in each section. 

What does this actually show? 

Activity by a student. 


This orders your students from the most engaged to least engaged, based on the sum time of their engagement during the selected time period. The colour Coding applies as follows. 

Screenshot_2019-07-26_at_11.33.52.png- Top 15% of engagement within the cohort 

Screenshot_2019-07-26_at_11.33.58.png- 16-84% of engagement
Screenshot_2019-07-26_at_11.34.03.png- Bottom 15% of engagement (including those that haven’t engaged) 

Screenshot_2019-07-26_at_11.34.09.png- Unknown student. This is calculated by the number of students you expected on your module, vs the amount who have actually accessed any resource on this module 


% Read

This indicates what % of the resource the student has actually engaged with. This is based on the relative position of the text on the page, in relation to the total length of the document 


Activity by Time 


This is based on how much ACTIVE engagement we have observed from the student in question within the given time period. 

What does active engagement mean? 

We have built logic into Talis Elevate to better define this. For example, we stop the timer:

  • If a student is inactive on a resource for a sustained period of time 
  • If a user has the active tab on another webpage 
  • If a user is skimming through pages, we do not record this as activity on each page 

However, we record activity if a user is:

  • Highlighting elements of text 
  • Using the toolbar navigation tools (e.g search) 
  • Writing a personal note 
  • Writing a class comment 

You can also hover over the charting component to see how much time the student in question has spent actively within this resource each day.Screenshot_2019-07-26_at_11.40.01.png


Activity by Section 


This details which elements of the resource the student has engaged with. The bar chart shows page by page, how many sessions the student has been active on. Alongside this, we also show how many sessions the student has engaged with this resource. Hover over the pink charts to see how many sessions your student has had on each page 


 This data is also fed up to our 'Exploratory Analytics' area. See this article to find out more.


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