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The Module Manager is designed to give you a module-level overview of the activity from your students, and with your resources over the duration of a semester. This exploratory analytics area also gives you greater flexibility on how you can interrogate engagement within your module with both a resource and student focus. You will access the Module Manager each time you log in to Talis Elevate if you use this product outside of the VLE. If however, you upload content via your VLE to Talis Elevate, you can access this area via app.talis.com

How this works

There are a few key areas of this area you should familiarise yourself with:

The Charting Component

This new analysis tool in Elevate is driven by the timeline selected on the charting component. This means the list of resources and students below the chart will update based on the time period selected. Simply drag the sliders under the main charting component to the desired time period, or use the drop-down on the right of the main chart to select a specified time period.


Using this drop-down at the top-right of the chart, you can focus or zoom the stats to a recent number of days.


After you adjust the sliders, the lists below will update and re-order, showing you up to date information about engagement relating to your resources and students.

Resources view

This is the main area where your resources on this module will now show. These will be listed in descending order according to the engagement recorded during the selected time period. You can sort on the various columns, allowing you to sort by total resource engagement across the cohort (default), the title of the resource, and type of resource


From this list, you can edit, share, view and remove the resource from this module, by clicking on the Ellipsis icon on the right of the resource.


If you adjust the sliders, you will see a loading box appear, then the list below will update:


Student view

Similar to the resource view, we order students based on their sum time actively engaged with Talis Elevate resources used on this module. However, we also demarcate the student list as well, using quartiles. This means you can quickly see which individuals are engaging well, and who is engaging very little / not at all: 


If students have not engaged during the selected time period, we will show these students as having 'no activity'.


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