Moderating comments

 Any comment can be flagged as inappropriate by any user within Talis Elevate. Teachers have the ability to hide comments from the class at any point if you feel these are inappropriate. 

If a student flagged a comment as inappropriate, you and all other teachers on this module in Talis Elevate will receive an email immediately. This will contain the text that’s been flagged as inappropriate and provides a link directly to the comment for you to moderate.


Once you are linked to the comment, you can then make a decision about this comment within the context of the discussion.  The comment will show the flag to indicate this is one that's been highlighted as inappropriate. Click on the ellipsis tool (3 dots on the right), and decide if you wish to hide or unflag the comment.






Once a comment has been hidden from students, this will appear with the icon showing the comment as hidden to teachers on this module, and the users avatar will grey out. You can un-hide a comment at any point. We do not notify the author of the comment that their comment has been hidden, as you will likely want to discuss with the student offline about why this was inappropriate in this context.





Please note, If the start of a thread is hidden, this will impact the rest of the thread of conversation.  

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