New List Edit - guidance videos


To support navigation of the changes from Classic to New List Edit, Talis have produced videos that you can to refer to, or share with your colleagues. The links to the full videos are in each title.

We also have the Getting Started - Reading List Editor (Onboarding Video).

Demonstration with no audio and subheadings

New List Edit - full demonstration with digitisations

New List Edit

New List Edit - Creating Your List

New List Edit - Digitisations

New List Edit - Editing Your List

New List Edit - Managing Your Resources

New List Edit - Reviews


Demonstration with voiceover

New List Edit

Full Demonstration with Digitisations

Creating Your List


Managing Your Resources

Editing Your List


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    Philip Worthington

    These are great to have and really well produced. I'd really like to use them for our online guide etc, but only drawback is they seem to be designed for library staff rather than our end-user academics.

    Do you plan to do any end-user versions?
    Would just need a tweaked script for the voice over.

    Thanks, Philip

  • Avatar
    Emma Dodd

    Hi Phillip, thanks for this feedback, we have some additional videos designed for academics which are in the support article here:

    I hope this helps, Emma

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