Standards supported by Talis Aspire

When considering integration with your existing systems, a common question is which common standards are supported by Talis Aspire? Below is a list of standards and protocols which are utilised by Talis Aspire, if you have questions about something that isn't covered here then do raise a support ticket.

  • For metadata retrieval from library systems
    • Z39.50 
    • SRU
  • For metadata ingest from library systems 
    • MARC 
    • AACR2
    • RDS
    • UNICODE — all data can include unicode characters
  • For citation import and export
    • RIS
    • Citation display using CSL
  • Linking to external resources
    • Open URL
    • HTTP
  • Authentication
    • SAML2
    • 0Auth2 — Authentication for APIs
  • For integration with Virtual Learning Environments / Learning Management Systems
    • LTI 1.3
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