Talis Aspire DCS Integration Synchronising existing DCS requests

The Talis Aspire DCS Integration makes working with copyright cleared requests in the CLA's Digital Content Store (CLA DCS) a breeze. If you want to start using this integration and have already got DCS request URLs manually added to reading lists, what can you do?

Talis can synchronise requests from the CLA DCS into the Talis Aspire DCS Integration for you as paid consultancy work. This will save you having to find and edit every item on every list which links to the Digital Content Store.

Why might you want to synchronise existing DCS requests?

When you have manually linked a CLA DCS request to an item on a reading list the item will have the following characteristics.

  • There will be a manually entered URL for the CLA DCS content in the Web Address field.
  • There will be no automatically updated link between the CLA DCS request and the reading list item.
  • Requests for new scans in the CLA DCS will not automatically link the item on a list

What is involved in synchronising existing DCS requests?

Synchronising will require the following steps.

  • For you to provide a file containing all your current live scans. This is available from the CLA DCS service as a standard report.
  • Talis will then look for all items on your reading lists which have a link to the CLA DCS and map these items to the information in the report.
  • Talis will ask you to check and perhaps add a mapping for any items which were indeterminate.
  • Talis will then run a process to re-synchronise all your CLA DCS content and link them back to the correct reading list item.
  • Talis will then run another process to clean up al the web address fields so that there is no need to maintain these links by hand in the future.

How many existing requests can I synchronise?

There is no limit to the amount of requests that can be synchronised, tens of thousands of requests is fairly typical.

However, if there are less than 100 requests to import, then it is usually not worth the effort to do all the data checking and list items are best tidied by hand. To carry this out manually head to this article for details: Talis Aspire DCS Integration Manual Synchronisation for Existing Requests

When to synchronise?

You can synchronise requests at any time.

If there are any annual reporting requirements of your copyright license, then you may wish to import after the annual report has been completed and rollover has taken place for the new or current academic year.  This will ensure that the requests synchronised to the list items are the current live scan so that students can access them appropriately.

How much does it cost?

Please contact us at sales@talis.com if you are interested in using the Talis Aspire DCS Integration and taking this opportunity to clean up manually added links on reading list items.

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