Talis Aspire Digital Content Store Integration - Overview


Talis Aspire allows universities to select their choice of Clearance Solution, and alongside Talis Aspire Copyright Clearance (also known as TADC) we also offer integration with the CLA Digital Content Store (DCS). This article takes you through the different support articles Talis has in place for the Talis Aspire DCS integration to guide you how this works. Please contact your Account Manager for a quote if you are interested in using the Talis Aspire DCS Integration.

Setting up the Integration in DCS

Linking The DCS To Your Talis Reading List: This article is hosted on the Digital Content Store (DCS) support pages, and details the API settings needed for the integration including the important CLA institution code.

Interested in hearing the integration process from a University's perspective? Read this blog post on the Talis / DCS integration from Royal Holloway, University of London.

Raising your CLA DCS request from your reading list

Talis Aspire DCS Integration Request Form: This article takes you through the digitisation request form for the DCS integration.

Syncing your CLA DCS requests with Talis Aspire

Talis Aspire DCS Integration updating Talis Aspire by synchronisation: This article takes you through the synchronisation process Talis Aspire has in place to allow your requests in DCS to synchronise with your Talis Aspire DCS integration, so that scans can go live on your reading lists.

Talis Aspire DCS Integration Synchronising existing DCS requests: If you want to start using this integration and have already got DCS request URLs manually added to reading lists, what can you do? Talis can synchronise requests from the CLA DCS into the Talis Aspire DCS Integration for you as paid consultancy work. This will save you having to find and edit every item on every list which links to the Digital Content Store (DCS).

Talis Aspire DCS Integration Manual Synchronisation for existing requests: This article takes you through the manual synchronisation process as an alternative to the consultancy option for existing content.

Non-integrated method for displaying your CLA DCS requests on your reading list

Using the CLA Digital Content Store with Talis Aspire (without Integration): This article takes you through the method for getting your DCS scans to display on your reading list when you are not using the Talis DCS integration.

Rollover and DCS 

Rollover with Talis Aspire and DCS  This article takes you through the method for rollover for Talis Aspire with the DCS integration. 

Frequently asked questions

Q - Is it possible to customise the message list publishers receive when a request is sent for fulfilment? 

A - this is not a feature available in the integration, the messaging simply updates the requester that the request has been sent to the Digital Content Store and is awaiting fulfilment.

Q - Is there an automated email to list publishers when digitisation goes live?

A - a notification email does not get sent, direct messaging to the requester is available within DCS, as DCS is where the decision is made about the clearance of the request and the request is processed to go live. Once an item is requested Talis Aspire is only receiving its latest status from DCS each time the synchronisation between the two systems occurs.

Q - Is it possible to make the 'needed by' date mandatory when the form is completed? 

A - this is not a feature available in the integration, the needed by date is within the form but is not a mandatory or customisable field. 

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