Reviewing new and old digitisation requests: Are you using the best workflows for your needs? (webinar)


In this webinar Rebecca Carruthers, Talis Support Consultant, talks about areas to look at when you're reviewing your digitisation processes, and individual requests. We also take another look at how to mash up your TADC usage reports to get a complete picture on your requests, which is useful information when reviewing your rollover policies.





Formulas used in the mash-up usage report demonstrated in this webinar:

  • =IFERROR(VLOOKUP({cell to be matched},{cell range to look in for this and following data},{column number to pull data from},FALSE),)
    • eg. =IFERROR(VLOOKUP('all-requests-2019-06-18'!A2,'views-2019-06-18 90 days'!A:E,5,FALSE),)
  • =IF(SUM(range to review)>0,"YES","NO")
    • eg. =IF(SUM(AA2:AC2)>0,"YES","NO")
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