Talis Aspire DCS Integration Request Form


Talis Aspire allows universities to select their choice of Clearance Solution, and alongside Talis Aspire Copyright Clearance (also known as TADC) we also offer integration with the CLA Digital Content Store (DCS). This article takes you through the digitisation request form for the DCS integration.

Raising a request directly from a reading list item

You are able to request digitisations from the following resource types in Talis Aspire:

  • Book or Chapter
  • Journal or Article

To raise a request, navigate to the item on your list which you would like digitised.  Click the actions menu, then select 'Request digitisation':


The form will be pre-populated with some of the information taken directly from the bookmark, however, the Chapter or section name will need to be manually entered:



Scrolling down, the last part of the first page of the form is: 



Clicking 'Next' will show the reporting year for DCS and the Course details as taken from the reading list hierarchy association. Note: Only one course can be entered into the DCS request form.

The requester also has the option to add a contextual note at this stage. This will be displayed under the full request screen in our interface, and also in the DCS itself when the request is generated.

Screenshot 2023-09-21 at 13.49.09.png

The request details will be pushed through to your instance of DCS via the 'Submit Request API' for you to process following the Making DCS Requests From Talis Aspire Reading Lists instructions.

Please see our article - Talis Aspire DCS integration synchronisation for details of how the 'Get course content' API is used to update digitisations links from DCS in Talis Aspire.

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