Talis Aspire DCS Integration Updating Talis Aspire by Synchronisation


Talis Aspire allows universities to select their choice of copyright clearance solution, and so we have recently released an integration with the CLA Digital Content Store (DCS). This article takes you through the synchronisation process we have set up.


In the early hours of the morning each day, the Talis Aspire DCS integration will synchronise with your live DCS instance. Talis use the Get Course Content API to search for courses and then match them against the DCS Request ID and update the reading list item accordingly. For example, if anything has been made live in DCS that day, it will make the item live on the Talis Aspire Reading List for the student to view. Likewise, if an item on DCS has been withdrawn during the day, it will then be withdrawn from the student view after the synchronisation.

What if I need a scan to go live immediately?

Once a request has been fulfilled in DCS, you are able to manually synchronise with Talis Aspire so that the item goes live on Talis Aspire Reading Lists. To do this, select the 'refresh' button at the end of the title of the request itself, as shown in the screenshot below:


This will then update the request if there have been any changes to the item in DCS, if there are none it will provide a message to state there are no changes.

See screenshot:


Synchronise all requests

As System Administrator, you are also able to synchronise all requests, see screenshot:



DCS Synchronisation report

You will receive a daily synchronisation report via email which will look like the following:


This summarises the number of requests successfully matched. You may have a reason why a course code could not be found in DCS, for this example 'Art Cinema'.

The reason for this could be one of the following:

  • that you have not yet dealt with that request and created the course. If so, no action other than to process the request as instructed here from the CLA article: Making DCS Requests From Talis Aspire Reading Lists.
  • it may be that the course in Talis Aspire is incorrect, in which case you should amend the course code via the Courses Report, as you would in Talis Aspire Copyright Clearance. To do this, see the guidance in the following section.

Updating course details

Update the course details on your digitisation requests by completing the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the 'Courses report'.
  2. Identify an individual course you wish to update, then open the 'Actions' menu and select 'Edit course details'.

  3. This opens the following Edit screen showing the current Course details.

  4. Edit the details as required and click 'Save'.

  5. The changes will be shown immediately on the 'Course report' screen.

  6. Now address the hierarchy node mismatch in Talis Aspire Reading Lists to prevent future mismatches in digitisation requests.
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