Maximise the use of reports in Talis Aspire (webinar)


In this webinar Rebecca Carruthers, Talis Support Consultant, reviews the reports available from Talis Aspire, and highlights potential uses for the data.  Rebecca also demonstrates how you can use formulas in MS Excel to combine several reports, so that you can use the information to answer other questions you might have on coverage or usage.

Webinar recording

Formulas that were used in this webinar:

  • Pulling the Views, Prints and Downloads data onto the one sheet:
    =IFERROR(VLOOKUP({Cell you're wanting to match},{Cell range to look in for all the data involved in the formula},{If a match is found, the number cell from the left to pull the data from},FALSE),)

    eg. =IFERROR(VLOOKUP('all-requests'!A2,'views'!A:E,5,FALSE),)
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