Talis Product and Services Update - March 2019

Welcome to the March 2019 Talis Product and Services Update

Welcome to the March 2019 Talis Product and Services Update. We are really looking forward to seeing so many of you at Talis Insight Europe 2019. Please do come to the Talis stand to say hello. As a reminder you can view the full agenda here.

New List Edit - widening early access

This month we have been able to open up the access to New List Edit, allowing more of you to have early access. Widening this access has allowed us to get further feedback and to identify further areas of refinement that we are now working on. If you have not already registered your interest in the New List Edit and would like to be considered in a further widening of access, please raise a support ticket.

Are your students experiencing the New List View?

If not then we would encourage you to join the 70%+ of universities using the New List View interface with their students. Please raise a support ticket and we can talk to you about moving over.

Encore integration

Universities using Encore 4.8 can now benefit from a new integration with Talis Aspire, enabling users to bookmark items and export resources quickly and easily. For more information please view our support article.

What has been released this month?

We have released an improvement to the CAL census reporting for monitoring. If you are about to start your monitoring period please refer to our support article.

New ideas raised on the Talis Ideas Forum

The Talis Ideas Forum is a great opportunity for you to add your ideas and enhancements you would like to see in Talis Aspire and to view what others are requesting and add your use cases and votes. This month the following ideas have been added:

  • Notes appearing in Reviews - Vote here
  • Ability to delete previous outcomes in Reviews - Vote here
  • Enable users to be given publishing roles for all lists under a particular subject / department - Vote here
  • New filter in All Lists or All List Items by hierarchy level - Vote here
  • Report to identify where digitisation request has originated - RL or webform? - Vote here
  • Add a date field to identify when request was submitted on referred page - Vote here
  • Schedule dates for TADC requests to go live / or option to hide digitised content - Vote here
  • Uploaded module student numbers in the Hierarchy Snapshot, All List Items and All List reports - Vote here

What bookmark recognisers have been created this month?

  • DERA - Digital Education Resource Archive
  • Research Repository - University of Gloucestershire
  • Rockefeller University Press

Is what you are bookmarking working as you expect? If not please raise a support ticket.

Developer Community

To join our developer community, please email consulting@talis.com. To see previous newsletters, please visit the Talis blog.

Do you have concerns about a support ticket you have raised?

If the urgency of the problem has increased and you now have tighter time constraints than before, please email Laura Unwin with your ticket details, and the reason for escalation along with your contact details. We will then work to review the issues and prioritise as appropriate and inform you of the next steps.

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