Encore Discovery Integration - Innovative Interfaces, Inc.


Talis have been working to support Innovative Interfaces, Inc (III) in providing a deeper integration with the Encore Discovery system.

What is the integration?

From version 4.8 of Encore Discovery there is an additional actions menu option which allows you to bookmark the resource in Encore straight into Talis Aspire. You can do this from the results list page, on a resources record detail page and in the book cart.


Encore sends the resource information to Talis Aspire so that you can quickly add this bookmark to a list you are working on.

You can also export all of your resources in the your book cart as a RIS file, and import them in one go using the standard Talis Aspire RIS Import feature.

How do we enable it?

You will need to be using Encore Discovery version 4.8 or higher.

You will need to raise a request with III to have the integration enabled as there are some configuration changes which can only be made by III.

Please tell them your HTTPS tenancy URL. This will look something like this:

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