Editing an existing bookmark FAQ's

Once you create a bookmark in Talis Aspire Reading Lists (TARL), you may want to make some changes (eg. add a chapter section, removed the web address, etc.). In this article we list a few FAQ's that will make sure you're getting the best experience from your bookmarks.

Q. Can I remove the web address from the bookmark once it's created?

Absolutely you can, but you do need to be sure that if the online resource box is ticked, you need to either click 'link to' and change the view online link to another option, or untick the online resource box if you no longer want TARL to use the web address(es) found within the bookmark (eg. you want to use a digitisation instead).

Q. There's a great item on someone else's reading list - how can I add that to my reading list too?

There are a few options you can use to copy a bookmark from someone else's list.

  1. You can add it to your bookmarks by clicking the actions button for that item and selecting "Add to my bookmarks".
  2. You can select 'Download RIS' from the actions menu for the item, and then upload that to your My bookmarks area.  NOTE: you can also upload this file to your reference management tool (eg. EndNote).



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