Enhanced supplier integration in Reviews


Askews & Holts have enabled deeper integration to provide university specific pricing, as well as displaying alternative formats available for the item, all within reviews in Talis Aspire.

Askews & Holts integration 

The integration ensures that this works with actual list data and your university's unique account settings, allowing specific purchasing decisions to be made based on specific licences and agreements unique to your institution.

See the screenshot below of the integration displaying for a print book:


The enhanced supplier integration also details the credits based on Ebook licences with Askews & Holts. See the screenshot below:


How do I get this enabled for our tenancy?

If your university has an Askews & Holts account please raise a support ticket to Talis with your account details to get this enabled.

Where can I get more information?

Please also see our webinar Making it easier to order from Askews & Holts.

Will Talis be developing a similar intregration with other suppliers?

We are keen to work with other suppliers to ensure that our universities benefit from the enhanced supplier integration for other vendors, making acquisition workflows and decisions easier. We will work to keep our universities updated on progress.

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