How to use Talis Aspire to drive core collections, hear from the University of Sussex (Europe Webinar)


Curious to know how to maximise the use of your collections using reading lists? Then this webinar (recorded in January 2019) is for you!

Talis Aspire allows university libraries to understand how resources are being used. This can enable library teams to make decisions on planning their collections and drive changes in policy.

In this webinar, Rachel Bramley, Online Distance Learning Librarian from the University of Sussex and Talis Aspire User Group representative explains how they have used information from Talis Aspire to shape their core collection.

Rachel explains how she used data from Talis Aspire and other data sources such as collection and budget figures to reorganise the University of Sussex’s core collection.

Webinar recording


Here is the video Rachel referred to in the webinar:

University of Sussex Library video

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