Talis Aspire Enhancement: Making it easier to order from Askews & Holts


Talis are pleased to launch an enhancement to the Askews & Holts integration in Talis Aspire. Askews & Holts have enabled deeper integration providing university specific pricing, whilst providing alternative formats available for the item, all within Talis Aspire.

Talis in a development partnership with Askews & Holts worked with two testing partners; the University of the West of England, Bristol (UWE) and the University of Worcester to ensure that this works with actual list data and their unique account settings. 

In this webinar Ted Spilsbury, Collections Support Librarian from UWE demonstrates how the enhanced supplier integration works. Talis explains the process to switch-on and opt-out, as well as how to raise interest if not already an Askews & Holts user. By sharing this integration with our wider community so that many more may benefit from this enhancement.

Webinar recording 



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    Leslie Bolsover

    When will this integration be available for all tenancies?

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    Laura Unwin

    Hi Leslie,

    This is available to everyone now, if you are interested in having it turned on for your tenancy please do raise a support ticket and the team will action that for you.


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