Talis Product and Services Update - December 2018


As the Product and Services team reflect back on the last 12 months, we wanted to take the opportunity to remind you of the highlights and features you may not have explored or implemented yet.

Release round up

Throughout the year we’ve continued to work on developing and improving all areas of Talis Aspire. Each of the features listed below has been implemented in 2018, we have also included links where relevant support articles are available:

Bulk Actions in Talis Aspire Reading Lists



New List View

  • List status messages have been added: a list in a newer time period is available, a review has been requested
  • Welsh language support
  • Student view no longer shows the Beta tag
  • Improved holdings link to library discovery service when holdings cannot be loaded
  • Editing of Hierarchy and Student numbers now available
  • Review request and Review history now viewable

Improved performance

  • Viewing long lists in new list view is faster


Talis Aspire Digitised Content


This is only a snippet of some of the key releases that stand out from 2018. You told us these areas were important to you and have given you the most benefit from using Talis Aspire. You can track all of our releases as they happen at http://talis.productmap.co/.


At the beginning of 2018, we committed to reviewing all ideas that had been raised, and to provide you with an update in this newsletter of new ideas raised so you can vote and add comments. We are pleased to say this has been done, we review ideas as they are raised and keep you updated on progress. We have had great reports from you all that having ideas featured in the newsletter has helped focus your attention on what is being raised and to consider how these may help you.


As well as our monthly Product Update webinars, we have featured a selection of webinars from different Universities throughout the year, in addition to our own specialist sessions.

These included...

Webinars are a great way of hearing about what others are doing and allowing you to glean ideas to try in your own University. We add all webinars to our events page so do check this out regularly so you don’t miss out.

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