Upload a new version to a digitisation request


On reviewing a digitisation's PDF you may identify an issue or reason to replacement (eg. blank page, missing pages, extra pages, etc,). This article walks you through the steps involved in replacing a PDF on a digitisation request.


Step 1: Navigate to the "Document Preview" portion of the request screen and select "Upload new version".Document_preview_tacc.png

Step 2: Complete the on-screen form:

  • Update the page range and section titles if required.
  • Choose the file from your computer or network folder and enter
  • Confirm if the file you have selected has a coversheet that the system needs to remove.
  • State the reason for replacing the existing copy.


Below the form, you will see the existing pdf copy that will be replaced so that you can identify any other change needed before uploading your new copy.

Step 3: Once you're ready, click "Replace".

Once the PDF is uploaded the request will update progress to live. You can see the process and reason for replacement recorded in the worklog:



  • Will uploading a new copy affect usage information?

No, usage will remain as is and new views/prints/downloads from the new uploaded copy will be added to the existing usage information. 


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