Different URL types when using the New List View


When using the new list view, you may notice differences in the way that your URLs are constructed. This is because the interface used for the new list view is separate to the classic view.


Talis have split the classic list view and new list view into two separate URLs so that you can distinguish the two interfaces when running in beta.

Classic view

URLs for lists through the classic interface will be structured as: http://<tenancyshortcode>.rl.talis.com/lists/<listID>

An example of this is: 

NOTE: The Classic view URL will automatically redirect to the new list view if the list is default is set to the new view.

New list view

URLs for the new list view will look like:

An example of this is:

When sharing links or manually linking in TADC:

Regardless of the links, you have shared or hard linked to redirects will continue to be in place, we have no plans to totally remove a type of URL.

See the related support article on why your HTTPS URL is different to your original URL.

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