Encrypted files and Talis Aspire Digitised Content


When articles are purchased from external sources to upload into Talis Aspire Digitised Content (TADC), you may find that the PDF will not initially upload to the digitisation request as the PDF is encrypted. This support article guides you on what to do if this happens, so that you can successfully upload the content to TADC for students to access.


Step 1: If you have difficulty uploading a file to TADC as it states the file is encrypted you need to download the file saving as a PDF document:


Click 'Save'

Step 2: Open the PDF using a viewer that displays PDFs (for Apple Mac this is Preview, for Windows PCs this will be Adobe or similar). For this example, we have used Preview on a Mac but the principle is the same in any software.


Step 3: Export the document as a new PDF from the File menu (see screenshot):


Step 4: When exporting as a new file, you can rename the file so you know this is the latest version to upload to TADC:


This will then remove the encryption and allow the uploading of the document to TADC.

You can now upload the PDF to TADC. See Uploading a PDF into a digitisation request for how to upload to Talis Aspire Digitised Content.


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