Students use of reading lists: a survey, hear from Sheffield Hallam University (webinar)


Talis Aspire Reading Lists supports students in their academic study, enabling academics to provide a rich variety of resources to complement their teaching style. There are many different ways in which Universities gather their students opinions of reading lists, such as surveys, interviews and observation. 

To reflect their commitment to the Student Voice and in order to provide evidence to academic staff of how students use reading lists, Sheffield Hallam University library staff carried out a survey in December 2017. 

In this webinar, Paul Conway - Library Learning and Teaching Team and Kirsty Woodward - Business Relationship Manager from Sheffield Hallam University explain how they designed and carried out their survey to achieve a record number of 1,207 student responses. Paul and Kirsty describe several aspects of the survey, including aims and rationale; organisation; practicalities; findings; lessons learned; and how the results are being used to inform relevant changes or improvements for students. 

Webinar recording 


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