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Bulk archiving allows a university the choice to delay the archiving of a previous teaching period, previously only an option as part of rollover.

This article will guide you through enabling lists using the All Lists report. The mechanism for taking bulk actions in this way will lead to other bulk actions. Permissions required for this bulk action are explained in - What is a role and what is a permission 


  1. Select the All Lists report from the Reports menu. If you cannot see the Reports menu you may need the View Reports permission adding to a role you hold.
  2. Select the filters applicable to the lists you wish to archive, an example is 2013/14 time period.
  3. Select Published and Published with unpublished changes as the list status. Note: Draft lists will not archive as it is the published version of a list that is archived.
  4. Apply filters.
  5. Select Action - 'Archive'.
  6. The request to archive can be monitored on Review Jobs screen, or just wait for the email notification.


The video below shows how to filter the report by a time period and list status, and from that filtered selection make a bulk change to the list status to archive for the selected lists.

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