Digitisation request statuses and reason codes

As each request passes through the workflow in Talis Aspire Digitised Content (TADC), it will be assigned a status and optionally a reason for being in that status. The history of status and reason changes for a given request can be viewed in the request's worklog.

Here are the definition of the various statuses and their associated reasons:

Status Description Possible reasons
REFERRED Requests in this state need some kind of intervention by digitisation staff.
Copy pending
This is the most likely reason for referral. Awaiting someone to upload a scanned PDF copy of the requested document.
Serials coverage undetermined
The system cannot determine if the library's serials holdings covers this request.
Source needs to be acquired
This resource is not available in the library, however the request will be reviewed to determine if a suitable copy can be obtained elsewhere.
Referred by requester
The request was initially rejected (see the worklog to find out why) but the requester overrode the rejection, forcing the referral of the request to library staff.
Cannot identify resource
The request can't be identified with the current details. It must be manually edited, and enough metadata completed so the resource can be processed.
Cannot determine latest edition
The system cannot automatically determine the latest edition, so this must be determined manually.
Fee pay clearance required
The resource was not in the library catalogue, so someone must decide whether or not to fee pay clear the item. Does not show if "Allow fee pay clearance via British Library" is set.
Manual rights clearance required
The system has been unable to automatically determine copyright clearance for this resource, so it will need to be cleared manually.
CCC Electronic Rights work check required
This request is for a CCC Electronic Rights work which has special limitations applied by the publisher. You can only scan CCC Electronic Rights works where the same is not reasonably available in a digital form. Additionally, you must also comply with any special limitations applicable to any individual work. Please check the worklog for any special limitations applied by the publisher and ensure that the work is not otherwise reasonably available in a digital form.
REJECTED The request was rejected, either by the system or manually by staff.
Newer edition available
The system detected that there is a newer edition available. Requesters can either request the latest edition or can force a referral by providing a pedagogical reason why the earlier edition is required.
Exceeded copy limit
Under the rules of the primary RRO, the copy limit for this course instance and resource has been exceeded. A requester can force a referral in order for the digitisation staff to consider clearance outside of the primary RRO.
Existing electronic copy available
The system detects that an electronic copy is available and should be used instead of a digitisation.
Not held by library
Only shown if the system is set not to automatically allow fee pay clearance via British Library. The requester can override and force referral of the request for consideration.
Not permitted by RRO
The resource is not within an included territory, or appears on an exclusion list within the Primary RRO. If allow clearance outside primary RRO is set, this state is never set and the request is automatically referred for a decision.
Duplicate request
The request is a duplicate of an existing request in the system.
Rejected by Administrator
Digitisation staff rejected the request (probably following a forced referral).
Invalid request
The requester didn't fill out the minimum metadata required to submit a request. The request can be edited and resubmitted by the digitisation staff, so that more detail is included in the request.  If the resource can't be identified it is up to the digitisations staff and policies to either progress the request, or leave it up to the requestor to submit a new request with added detail.
Rights clearance rejected
The library could not acquire copyright clearance for this request.
Fee pay clearance rejected
After review by digitisations staff, it was determined that library cannot or will not source this request from external sources.

Requests in this state have passed all workflow checks.  

If a request stays in this status for an extended period of time, please raise a support ticket for Talis to investigate and progress the request.

Awaiting packing
The system is waiting for the packer to bundle the PDF with the coversheet before it is made available to students.
Processing packing
The request is successful. The packer is currently preparing the bundle and making the final version available.
Pre-cleared for rollover
The rollover request has been successfully pre-cleared and is awaiting approval before being sent to the Packer.
LIVE The request is live and available to students.  
EXPIRED The request naturally expired at the end of the course. The system withdrew access for students automatically.  
WITHDRAWN The request was manually withdrawn by digitisation staff for some reason, before it naturally expired.  
ERROR There's been a system error affecting the request, please raise a support ticket for Talis to investigate.  

This is an interim status set whilst the concierge is working on an item (i.e. the request is between statuses).

If a request stays in this status for an extended period of time, please raise a support ticket for Talis to investigate and progress the request.

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