What makes up a Talis Aspire Digitised Content request?

The 'All requests' screen shows all the digitisation requests managed by the system. You can search by request ID, course code, requester name and email, or filter by resource type, status code and reason.

To view the details of anyone request, either click on its ID (located on the left-hand side of the screen) or choose "View details" from the request's Actions menu (located on the right-hand side of the screen).

Request detail screen

This is where most of the work on an individual request is done. The request detail screen is split into 4 zones:

1. Request overview

This zone summarises:

  • The request's current status and assigned workflow stage
  • The requested resource's metadata
  • The requestor and associated course details
  • A link to the associated reading list item

Here is an example of what this looks like:


For requests that are in progress, the very next action required by staff is always shown on the left-hand side of the request screen. 

2. Worklog

You can think of the worklog as a diary or journal for all the events that have occurred in relation to a request. The worklog tracks the journey of a request chronologically from creation through to archive status. Changes in status are shown, including any comments made by the requester or the digitisation staff along the way.

Here's an example:


3. Document preview

Document preview will only show for requests where a scan has been uploaded.

The document preview shows how the scan will look when accessed by students. You can also upload a new version from here if you are not happy with the existing scan.

When PDFs are shown to students they are presented in a bundle which is made up of a coversheet and the PDF.  The preview displayed on your TADC request does not show the coversheet. To view what the student sees (ie. the bundle), click "View bundle".  Please note: If the start date for the digitisation has not yet passed you will not be able to view the bundle.

4. Analytics

In this zone, you can view the number of views, downloads and prints requested by students. Statistics are not collected for users signed into the concierge web application, so staff users checking that bundles are live will not increment these counters.

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