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We have introduced an improvement to Talis Aspire Digitised Content (TADC) to allow the editing of live requests to correct errors or missing metadata. Details of this improvement are documented here: Edit request - Talis Aspire Digitised Content

A replacement request is required when the changes you need to make an existing request affect copyright checks and copy limits. We will take you through that process in this article.

Replace Request

1 - From within the request you need to replace click the 'Actions' menu and select 'Replace request':


2 - To record the action taken, complete the reason and decide if you want to suppress the original request from the Reproduction Rights Organization (RRO) reporting:


Note Suppressing for the RRO reporting is to avoid confusing duplicates of requests for the same course and work. As part of this improvement, we are also suppressing requests that are withdrawn before the start date.

3 - The request form will be displayed, so that you can check any metadata and make the required changes, then 'Submit'. 

4 - After addressing any points of referral the option to keep the original scan by clicking 'Complete replacement' or 'Upload new copy' will be given:


At this point, the original request is still live and not withdrawn, so students can still access the digitisation.

5 - The worklog of the new request reflects the original request for an audit trail of events:



6 - Once live the new request replaces the link to the Talis Aspire Reading Lists item:



7 - If the original request has been suppressed it will no longer appear on the RRO report when the new request becomes live. In this scenario request 1 was replaced by request 4 as displayed in the UK RRO report.





8 -  The original request is marked as 'Withdrawn by adminstrator' and the reason logged in the worklog of the original request:



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