How to raise a digitisation request

There are two methods to raise a digitisation request in Talis Aspire Digitised Content (TADC):

Direct from Talis Aspire Reading Lists (TARL)

If you are using both TARL and TADC, this is the recommended route for raising a new digitisation request for the following reasons.

  1. All the metadata about the request (resource details, course start and end dates, student numbers, etc.) is pre-filled from what is already present in the reading list. This cuts down vastly on the time and effort required from the academic's point of view. Also seeing as this data is usually sourced from an authoritative location (eg. library catalogue, hierarchy, pre-set time periods) it is much more likely that your requests will be accurate.
  2. Requests can only be raised by TARL users with a role that allows them to request a digitisation.
  3. Requests are automatically linked to the reading list item. This means that once the request is live it automatically appears on the linked reading list item, and there is no need to manually add any links.
  4. Raising new requests is super easy. This is incredibly important especially if your policy is to have your academics maintaining their reading lists. This ease of use can be used as a tool to encourage and market reading list adoption to your academics.

Check out the following article for steps to raise a new digitisation request.

Using the built-in request form

The system comes with a built-in request form that anyone can use, even if they are not signed into the system. The intention is for it to be an online replacement for the downloadable request forms many already publish on their websites.

You can access the form via the 'Requests' menu in TADC > 'Request new digitisation', or directly from a URL similar to:[tenancy shortcode]/request/generate

A major advantage of using the form is that it will validate the user's input as they go, educating them on why their request might not be accepted. For example:

  • Requested resource is missing key metadata
  • Requested resource limits breached for a given course/resource combination? The system will notify the requester.

This form will behave differently if you are logged in to TADC when you are raising a new digitisation request. 

  • Logged in to TADC: Once you have raised the request the system will divert you to the request detail screen, so you can further progress the request by uploading a scan, etc. 
  • Not signed in to TADC: users will receive a confirmation message that their request has been successfully raised.

Unlike when raising the request from the reading list, when using the built-in form the requester does not have to have a role within TARL with the permission to raise a request - anyone with a link to this form can submit a digitisation request.

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