Reports in Talis Aspire Digitised Content

There are four types of reports available from Talis Aspire Digitised Content (TADC):

These are all available from the Reports menu from your TADC tenancy.

Course report

The course report is a summary report that groups requests by course. You can filter by request status or even requester name or email address.

Possible uses for this report include:

  • To get a picture of courses with a high number of digitisations
  • To get a picture of requests needing intervention by digitisation staff (Filter by date and status=REFERRED)
  • Identify courses or requesters whose requests are routinely rejected (Filter by requester and status=REJECTED)

You can also edit courses using this report, see - Edit course details

Requests report

The requests report is very similar in functionality to the courses report, but rather than summarise by course, full details of each request are shown.

Potential uses for this report include:

  • Identifying which requests are not linked to a reading list item (export the report and filter is your spreadsheet software where the item link column is blank).
  • Pulling a report for all requests from an individual requester.
  • Column U - Date copied - will show you when a scan was originally uploaded, which can be useful if you are identifying older items which may not have had OCR applied
  • Column V - Date released - will show you when a scan was made available to students

RRO census reports

The TADC RRO census report only details those requests necessary for reporting under the terms of your license (CLA/CA/CLNZ). Requests that were ultimately unsuccessful for whatever reason are not included in the report. The details within the report are in response to the specific needs of the RRO.  The report can be downloaded in CSV or Excel formats which have been approved and are acceptable by your RRO.

More details on these reports are available in the following support articles:

Usage reports

There are three usage reports available from TADC:

  • Views - the number of times the bundle has been viewed online.
  • Prints - the number of times the bundle have been printed from the online view.
  • Downloads - the number of times the bundle has been downloaded.

Each report allows you to view usage statistics for the following periods of time:

  • Last year (365 days)
  • Last 90 days
  • Last 30 days
  • Last 7 days

TIP: The number of days you want to report on isn't one of these options? Change the number at the end of the web address to be the number of days you want to report on - eg. http://{universitiy TADC address}/usage/views/700 -- reports on views in the last 700 days.

These reports can be downloaded in CSV format so that they can be manipulated and reported as you need.  All time statistics for individual digitisation requests are available in the analytics area on the request itself.

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