Talis Product and Services Update - Oct 2017

Product Update Summary

We would like to update you on the progress of some of our key product development themes; click here to remind yourself of the Talis development focus.

List View Refresh

We have several Universities from our beta phase that already have the List View Refresh live with students. This month sees two UK customers using List View Refresh as the default view across all live lists from the start of the new academic year. We continue to see live student access in the APAC region with this widening for Summer sessions. Please raise a support case if you are interested in working with us in this beta phase.

Here is a link to our support article covering FAQs on the List View Refresh. If you have questions that are not already covered in the article.

Releases of interest

Stay up-to-date with our releases by regularly visiting our Product Update page where you can view all release information including all improvements or fixes released in Talis Aspire.  Product Update is available from the top navigation bar on the Talis Support site.  Releases that you may be particularly interested in are:

Talis Aspire Reading Lists (TARL)

  • Following customer feedback, we have made an improvement within the reviews area of Talis Aspire Reading Lists. For each item within a review, you will now see a field that says 'Date Added'. This will help workflow when existing lists are going through the new interface for the first time. Allowing the reviewer to focus on additions since the last review, due to all items showing as 'New' the first time they are viewed in the new interface.
  • The Talis Aspire Reading Lists LTI Tool has been updated to support relinking of lists where a list has been selected in error. In some learning systems, a link can be created to a list or a section of a list, but the learning system does not allow you to delete the link and start over. This meant you were stuck with a link that you didn’t want. Talis have released an additional workflow to the Talis Aspire Reading Lists LTI Tool to allow people who hold an instructor role to relink a list from the learning system should they need to. A new banner message will appear to instructors at the very top of the list giving them the option to relink the list or section to a newly chosen list or section.  Here is a video to demonstrate this improvement in action: https://talis.wistia.com/medias/ox5zgnd0dq

Talis Aspire Digitised Content (TADC)

  • We have improved rollover in TADC to enable universities who choose not to rollover in Talis Aspire Reading Lists (TARL) to rollover and link requests back to existing lists. Alongside some validation improvements to help identify date discrepancies and double rollovers. Please see article: Improvements to Talis Aspire Digitised Content Rollover (Sept 2017) for details.
  • When requesting a digitisation if the reading list is linked to multiple modules you can now add that detail to the request itself, and this information is carried through to Talis Aspire Digitised Content for reporting purposes.
  • In order to prepare for the above release we needed to amend one of the dictionary messages in TADC.  Specifically where placeholders were present for course/module/unit codes. Many universities had customised this message and will now need to re-customise the message. All of the affected universities have already been informed but do remember to check your dictionary message for “Exceeded copy limit” and amend the default message to reflect your local practice.
  • We have made an improvement so that if an item has been deleted off a reading list when you come to roll over the request, it will be marked as no longer on a list so you can make the decision to withdraw the request.

How Can I Escalate a Ticket?

If you feel your ticket is not being dealt with correctly, or the issue reported is urgent or time bound, you can escalate the ticket. To escalate please email Alison Spencer with your ticket ID number detailing your concerns and telephone number. We will then work to review the issue and prioritise as appropriate, before updating you directly. We are also happy to arrange a catch-up call with your University so that you can raise concerns or discuss tickets of note.

Community Contributions

Our Community Contributions continue to grow. We cover a wide spectrum of topics from a time saving top-tips to making the most of Google Analytics. If you have something you wish to share with others then please let us know by raising a support ticket.

Engaging academics in using reading lists
There are a variety of strategies universities use to engage academics in making use of reading lists. This includes training sessions, drop-in events and creating support guides to make getting started with reading lists as easy as possible.

Matthew Arrowsmith and Marcus Harvey from Victoria University of Wellington, winners of our Talis Award for Excellence in marketing and engaging academics, explained how they have achieved academic engagement, resulting in over 3,000 lists created by their academics.

Listen to the ‘Engaging academics in using reading lists’ webinar here

Streamlining workflows with Reviews 2.0

Reviews 2.0 in Talis Aspire Reading Lists has been specifically designed to reduce time and effort, improve list quality and enhance the student experience.

In this webinar, Helen Whiteman and Adam Price from the University of Auckland presented how they effectively used Reviews 2.0 to streamline their acquisitions workflows, customising settings to meet their University's needs.

Helen and Adam gave an in-depth look at their approach to reviewing reading lists and shared recommendations for other universities looking to utilise and streamline their own processes.

Listen to streamlining workflows with Reviews 2.0 Webinar here

Planning for 2018 success with services

Talis Services team work closely with our users in many different ways from your implementation, through to rollout and continuing to make reading lists a success in your university. As you prepare your projects for the coming academic year, we want to take the opportunity to highlight what to consider for maintaining success with Talis Aspire Reading Lists, and the support that is available.

In this webinar Emma Dodd, Support Consultant at Talis, shares how universities can prepare for success in 2018, with examples from our community and how to make the most of Talis Services. 

Listen to the planning for 2018 success with services Webinar recording here

Support articles of note:


Talis Aspire Reading Lists now supports bookmarking from over 260 different sources. You can see the full list of bookmarks that Talis supports in the following article, where can I bookmark from?

We have added the following bookmark recogniser this month

  • Bridget Williams Books: The Treaty of Waitangi Collection
  • Edgaronline
  • Salford ePrints
  • ICLR (updated for new site structure)

If you bookmark from a site and would like to see improvements, or if you’ve noticed that a site has been updated and isn’t bookmarking very well anymore, please raise a support ticket.

Developer Community

Don’t miss out on the next Developer Community newsletter. To join our developer community, please email consulting@talis.com.   To see past newsletters, please visit the Talis blog.

Things To Think About

Would you like to organise a review with the Talis team? This would be focusing on getting the most from Talis Aspire and ensuring Talis Aspire is working as efficiently as possible for your University. Please email Alison Spencer (as@talis.com) to organise a call at a time that works for you and your team.

We understand this is a time that APAC Universities will be planning to rollover their reading lists and digitised content requests. If you would like to arrange a call with one of the Talis Services team to support you with rollover, please do raise a support ticket.

To keep up-to-date with the latest work that Talis are doing, do check out our blog.

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