Annual CLA Requirements Checks


This article applies to Talis Aspire Copyright Clearance (formally known as Talis Aspire Digitised Content) workflows for the UK only and does not apply to Digital Content Store (DCS) users or universities integrating DCS with Talis Aspire.

As CLA HEI licence holders in the UK, all live requests are required to be checked for Excluded and Not Found responses from the CLA Check Permissions API each academic year. The CLA recognises the academic year to run from 1st August to 31st July, so running this report in the first 5 days of August will secure the scans for access for the next 12 months in line with your CLA Licence.  

August 2018 was the first year we ran this report for those using automated reporting and found benefits in terms of workflow efficiencies of working by work rather than checking each request at the point of rollover. As a result, we have rolled this out to all UK Talis Aspire Copyright Clearance universities.

The outcome of the report will help you ensure all live requests are adhering to the CLA HEI licence and help identify requests that should no longer be visible to students or allow you to make further checks if they are not automatically found in the CLA Check Permissions response by the identifier.

What are the characteristics of the requests Talis will be checking?

  • All the requests we are passing through this check will have been previously set as cleared by the CLA, either automatically by the concierge or manually following an override.
  • They will only appear on this report if we get the outcome 'Excluded' or 'Not Found' from the CLA Check Permissions API.
  • If a request is live and visible to the student on the day we run the check for your tenancy - We will refer to these requests as Live.
  • If a request is live but the start date has not yet been reached, but is within the next 12 months from (1st August 2018 - 31st July 2019) - We will refer to these requests as Pending Live.
  • If the request is referred, for example Copy Pending, but the start date is within the next 12 months from (1st August 2018 - 31st July 2019) - We will refer to these requests as Referred.

How will I know the check has completed?

TADC Administrators will receive an email notification:

Subject: Annual CLA Requirement Checks ready for review

Email content: The annual CLA Requirement Checks have completed and are ready for review at <TADC tenancy URL link to the reports page>

This report identifies all active requests for the upcoming reporting time period where the CLA CheckPermissions API response is now 'Excluded' or 'Not Found'. 

Where the request is already LIVE, you should review the responses to ensure the requests are still cleared for copyright compliance. REFERRED requests including those in state 'Copy Pending' will also be updated with the latest response which should be reviewed before making the request LIVE.

What does the Report look like?

The Annual CLA Requirements Checks Report is also directly accessible from the Reports menu when available. Below is an example report, note that requests are ordered by Live, Pending Live and Referred. 


Note: If there are no requests to check this will be made clear with the following message


How can I use the report to review this information?

As the outcome of the CLA check permissions is at the work level (so inclusive of all editions) we have grouped the requests by the work. Highlighted are the number of requests associated to a group in the screenshot below.


Clicking on the title of the work will open the breakdown of the associated requests


Clicking on the View CLA API responses, will allow you to compare the latest response to previous responsesDigitised_Content____Talis_Aspire.png

By clicking on the request number you can also review the request and take the actions here (see the actions section for details).

For works with a 'Not Found' response, you can initiate a further manual check permissions search from the Action menu. You can also view the associated requests using the actions menu link.


There are filters at the top of the report to help with the priority order you wish to action the report.

For example, you may wish to address first those works now 'Excluded' from the CLA repertoire where previously they have been allowed, and those with changes to their response = 'Yes'. This can be achieved with the following filters:


Can students still access the digitisations listed on the report?

TADC will not automatically withdraw requests. If the request is Live, it will remain Live until you take action on the report. The University should consider the appropriate action following a review of the information available.

What are the actions available?

For each group of works selected, individual work or individual request, you can take the following actions:

  • Override - this will leave the request/s in its current state, Live Pending Live or Referred with the original decision retained
  • Withdraw - this will immediately withdraw access to the digitisation for that request/s
  • Refer - This will set the request/s into a referred state, with the reason 'Manual rights clearance required', suspending access to the digitisation whilst this check is carried out, and leaving the request ready for action via your usual referral processing.

You can action the requests associated to each work in the following ways:

Multiple work action -

Select the multiple works you wish to take action on and select the action you are taking from the Actions menu


Individual work action -

Use the action menu on the individual work line


Individual request action - 

Select the request either by clicking the work title or selecting View requests using the action menu on the individual work line. Open by clicking the request number.


Note: Taking the action at request level will not change other associated requests for the work.

Rollover considerations

If you have recently carried out your annual rollover or are in the middle of your rollover you may wish to review the following information:

If a request is in a referred state and awaiting manual copyright clearance following rollover, these requests will not be in the report.

If a rolled over request is referred but has been CLA cleared, it may be in the report as a referred status if a Not found or Excluded response is given. You can continue to work through your rollover referrals as you normally would and if you come across a request that is also flagged in the Annual CLA Requirements Checks report you can action this on the request itself, then continue with rollover.

If a rollover request is in a Success state this appears on the report as a referred request if Not found or Excluded response is given, you will not be able to complete rollover fully for these requests until the request is actioned from the report or request screen.

If a request has been made Live following rollover and a 'Not found' or 'Excluded' response is given, it will be in a 'Pending Live' status on the report. These should be actioned as described.

Requests about to expire:

As requests expire these will be removed from the report automatically. So if your time period ends shortly after the report is run and you are about to rollover, we would advise actioning the Excluded so you remove these from the rollover process, and then rolling over and dealing with the Not founds as normal through the rollover process. To remove any duplication of effort in checking the Not found items.

Not carried out Rollover yet:

If you wish to run your rollover around the time of the report, we would suggest running rollover once you have received the report and action the Excluded, then rollover. So that you are dealing with the Not founds as normal through the rollover process. To remove any duplication of effort in checking the Not found items.

Note: If there are any requests you are unsure how to action when the time comes, please do raise a support ticket so we can give specific advice.


Q - If multiple people are working on the report is there a chance of overlapping actions? 

A - If you happen to be addressing the same work or request at the same time as a colleague then the action first made will be the one saved against the request, this won't cause any issues, we suggest filtering the report to take on a different set of requests. So one work on Excluded and another Not found.

Q - The report says a group of requests associated with a work are Live when I open the list of requests only some have this status, why is this?

A - We prioritise the most important of the combined requests associated with the work. For example, if 5 requests are listed against a work that are broken down as follows: 2 are Live, 2 are Pending Live and 1 Referred, you are still then dealing with the Live requests associated as a priority. 

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