Sustainable analytics with Google Sheets, hear from the University of Auckland


Talis Aspire Reading Lists can be used in conjunction with Google Analytics to give universities detailed insights into how their Reading List tenancy is being used. This means that stakeholders can access student engagement statistics, teaching and learning insights, and information about the usage of digitised resources. 

In this webinar Adam Price (Reading Lists Coordinator) from the University of Auckland explains how they innovated and used Google Sheets to devise their own dashboard. This allows them to export Google Analytics data, overcoming some of the limitations with how that information can usually be shared.

Webinar recording  

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    Jo Ryder

    Hi - looks useful.. but sound disappears/screen stops about 2min in and then starts again at 13:43??

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    Rebecca Carruthers

    Hi Jo, Thanks for flagging that! Looks like something was lost in the upload. I've re-uploaded the file and I'm now getting sound all through the video.

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