Talis Product and Services Update - May 2018

Product Update Summary

We would like to update you on the progress of some of our key product development themes.

At the beginning of May we presented the Talis Services and Product Update at Talis Insight Europe 2018, following up with Webinars for APAC and Europe last week. If you didn’t manage to join us here is a link to the recording.

Product Update May 2018

Talis Aspire Product Update Webinar - May 2018

Next month sees a focus on Talis Ideas, and how we plan to improve our processes in this area Presented by Laura Unwin - Senior Support Consultant. Please check our Events page for details of June’s Product Update webinars.

Talis Insight Europe 2018

It was lovely once again to see so many faces Talis Services talk to on calls or communicate with on support cases at the event. It is the sharing of best practice that really adds value to the event, whether that be strategies to student and academic engagement or technical integrations that support a pedagogical strategy.

This recent blog highlights some of the interesting topics discussed by the Talis Aspire User Group at the event. If you weren’t there it’s a chance to see what you missed, and even if you were there a chance to catch content from tracks you may not have been able to attend, or simply to remind yourself of the key points you want to learn from or add to your own plans.

Hear from our user group on supporting pedagogical change at Talis Insight Europe 2018

CLA Annual report submission - UK Only

For those Talis Aspire Digitised Content users opted into automated reporting to the Copyright Licensing Agency as part of our TPTP agreement, your reporting of Digital Copies that have been made during the previous 1 June 2017 –31 May 2018 reporting period will be submitted on Thursday 14th June. Please ensure any edits you wish to make are done by the end of Wednesday 13th June.

If you have not opted in you are committing to submitting this manually following guidance on how to export the report - Completing your Copyright Licence Agency census report

List UX Refresh

We have enabled access to new list view for all Talis Aspire universities. Please take time to review the new functionality and consider your universities approach to rolling out to students. We have 18 universities that have already completed their rollout so that all of their lists appear in the new list view, with many more enabling some of their lists.

Development has been steadily progressing on the new list edit functionality and this is a continuation of the list view refresh improvements. As we start to release those features, we will be working with universities for user feedback and early beta. As with list view, list edit features can be rolled out at a time to suit academics.

If you have questions or wish to know more please raise a support case.

Considering your rollout options? Then the following article may help you in making your decision, this has been updated with a useful video you can link to as student guidance: Recommended steps to rollout the new list view at your University

Releases of Interest

Stay up-to-date with our releases by regularly visiting our Product Update page, where you can view all release information, including all improvements or fixes released in Talis Aspire.  The Product Update is available from the top navigation bar on the Talis Support site. Releases that you may be particularly interested in are:

Talis Aspire Reading Lists (TARL)

  • Improvement - You are now able to export a PDF - Bibliography in the new list view.
  • Improvement - We have improved the application of a citation style in new list view so that each entry is treated as a standalone resource when in the order of the list structure. Applying citation style fully across all resources including ordering when exported as a bibliography.
  • Fix - Previously if you archived lists at the point of rollover and a list had an active review, it would leave the list in Reviews without being able to move that review into a completed/archived state. Now when a reading list with and active review is archived at rollover the review also is set to archived. We are investigating a solution to address existing reviews in this state, and will update as that progresses.

Talis Ideas Forum

Following feedback at Talis Insight we are going to start sharing with you a summary of the new ideas raised each month so that you can add your votes and use cases. For more details on the Ideas Forum please see this article.

Talis Aspire Reading Lists

    • Make the publish button more visible - A lecturer has said that it would be useful to have the publish button more visible on the list (when not editing). Could we have a separate button for publishing rather than going to edit and publish? Vote here
    • "Link To" value included in All Items Report -  Could the Link To value be included in the All Items Report i.e. either blank, DOI, OpenURL or Web Address. Vote here
    • OpenURL should include Source ID for Talis - Every OpenURL created by Talis should include a source ID name/value pair so that a) Our link resolver stats clearly indicate the volume of OpenURL requests from Talis b) We can identify the source of the problem URL when our clients use the auto problem report form on our link resolver (which includes the problem OpenURL. Vote here
    • Add a 'back to top' link in a reading list. - To help with long lists instead of a cumbersome long scroll back up. Vote here

Talis Aspire Digitised Content

    • Withdraw expired digitisations - Currently expired digitisations can not be withdrawn, but there are situations where this functionality would be useful. Vote here

Support Articles of Interest

When was the last time you offered your staff and/or academics refresher training or information sessions on using your reading lists?  Confidence can wain if you haven’t used a tool in a while, so it’s a good idea to offer regular sessions. Find this and a list of other recommended annual tasks in our support article on Maintaining your Talis Aspire Reading Lists.

Community Contributions

Our Community Contributions continue to grow. We cover a wide spectrum of topics from time saving top-tips to making the most of Google Analytics. If you have something you wish to share with others then please let us know by raising a support ticket.

Increasing your digitisation service, hear from the University of Essex

Talis Aspire Digitised Content (TADC) gives universities improved efficiency and a smarter process in managing copyright compliance materials. This enables universities to provide students with access to digitised resources when they need them.

There are a variety of strategies universities in the Talis community use to engage academics in making use of the digitised content service available.

In this webinar Hannah Groom, Core Resources Coordinator and Hannah Pyman Interlending and Document Delivery Assistant from the University of Essex, talked through how revising workflows and strategies has increased the scale of the digitisation service so students, academics and the library teams can benefit from electronic materials being sourced efficiently and with confidence.

University of Essex increasing engagement TADC webinar

You can access the recording here: Increasing your digitisation service (webinar)


Talis Aspire Reading Lists now supports bookmarking from over 270 different sources. You can see the full list of sites and databases that Talis supports in the following article - where can I bookmark from?

  • ACME - An International Journal for Critical Geographies
  • ClinicalKey (updated)
  • DOAJ - Directory of Open Access Journals
  • Medical Journal of Australia (updated)
  • O’Reilly Media Safari

If you bookmark from a site and would like to see improvements, or if you’ve noticed that a site has been updated and isn’t bookmarking very well anymore, please raise a support ticket.

Developer Community

To join our developer community, please email consulting@talis.com. To see past newsletters, please visit the Talis blog.  

Things to Think About

Would you like to organise a review with the Talis team? This would be focusing on getting the most from Talis Aspire and ensuring Talis Aspire is working as efficiently as possible for your university. Please email Alison Spencer (as@talis.com) to organise a call at a time that works for you and your team.

To keep up-to-date with the latest work that Talis are doing, do check out our blog.


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