Using menus in Reviews to manage workload

This article is a guide on how to manage review requests in Reviews. 

The Menus on the main Reviews screen allow you to filter your view of the lists by:

  • Stage
  • Status (eg. Requested, Started, Completed)
  • Assignee
  • Alerts

This screenshot shows a look at all completed lists assigned to Zena Amos

This screenshot shows all "Started" reviews with a stage of "Review Metadata".  Using the additional Alerts filter, this has also limited the view to show only brand new lists that have never been reviewed. This will help you prioritise New Lists at busier times of the year.

The order of lists is newest requests at the top of the list, so if you want to pick up the oldest first use the page navigation to get to the last page.

Importantly, remember that in Reviews you can select multiple lists and assign a user, stage and status.

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