Invite list publishers to a specific list


Scoping the list publisher role is a great way to limit who can edit specific lists, but what happens when an academic wants someone else to add to their list?  This article details how your academics can invite others to contribute to a list.

Inviting list publishers

Users who have the List Publisher role can invite colleagues to collaborate on a list by:

  1. Clicking the "Edit" dropdown and selecting "Invite list publishers".marketing_research_____Services__2_.png
  2. Complete the invitation form entering one or more email addresses and editing the message if required.
  3. The invited list publishers will receive an email with a link to accept the invitation. Once an invitation is accepted, that user will be directed to the list.

NOTE:  If you have requested the "Grant this role" permission to be removed from the List Publisher role, this workflow will not be available.

Only the System Administrator can remove/revoke the role from a user once a role has been accepted.  For more information on revoking roles see

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